The PINI Society
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Why join?

Members of our online community are important in our ongoing mission to discover and understand the secrets of our past.
Benefits of Pini Society membership include:
  • Contribution to save a historical site with a portion of your downloadable game fee
  • Ability to help decide which historical sites should get funding
  • Access to available archived information of known Society member
  • Ability to contribute to community forums
  • Access to any findings and information that are gradually discovered
  • Involvement in future Society collaborative online projects
Time is passing, burying knowledge of our history. Join us and help us uncover the truth for all to see.
How to join

By downloading the full version of The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth, you will receive membership to The Pini Society.
To ensure you have purchased the full game, please answer the following question. The answer can be found in the game journal unlocked in a specific episode:
In Episode 6, what year was the Society “unearthing the heart of the empire?”